Not only do we sponsor students’ studies, but we also check up on their learning progress monthly, and offer food incentive to their families for good attendance.


Your donations will help us distribute food, build houses, water wells and healthcare facilities for people in need, as well as supporting the long-term maintenance of these essential infrastructures.


We will be pleased to organize visits to Cambodia for you to see the results of our charity projects. Volunteers are also welcome for services ranging from several days to a few months. Come and learn more about this beautiful country and its people.

May 5, 2020

The Ring of solidarity for the poorest children of Angkor Wat Cambodia.

The effects of the Corona-virus is devastating. All schools and private Institution have been closed and there for no free meals for the poor children and students is available. The tourism collapsed and it will be for many months ahead. Most the people have lost their job.

Who is suffering most are the children, especially the ones without parents , only a grandmothers looking after them. Our Ring of Solidarity will help them with food packages for the families in need. You can help with your donation and give us the possibility to feed those family.

The numbers are unfortunately growing very fast in the city and especially in the rural areas where we operate for over seven years already.

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Love To Progress People

Love To Progress People (LTPP) is a Cambodian-based charity founded by Lorenzo and Tina Della Croce from Hong Kong. We are devoted to improving the lives of the poorest families and children in Siem Reap, Cambodia by working closely with local partners. We follow up on beneficiaries’ status constantly to ensure that their needs are always catered in the long run.

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